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About Us

The team at Sensible Debt Advice are dedicated to providing practical sensible debt advice and debt solutions to individuals, families and small businesses across South Wales. The services we offer range from personal bankruptcy support and arrangements with creditors  through to company administration and liquidation.

We handle business debt in association with Samantha Hawkins of Hawkins Insolvency ( see below) and we are the only Licensed Insolvency Practitioners based in Bridgend, with a team working across South and Mid Wales.

Debt is such a personal issue. And intensely private. Who do you talk to? What are your options? The truth is there is always a solution, and we can help you.

How We Look At Debt

Nobody means to get into debt. Usually decisions are made and actions taken which gradually lead to a difficult financial situation.

Often debt builds up slowly over time but people tend to think that somehow, they will be able to manage it. Eventually the time comes when they face the fact that they can't fix it by themselves.

If this is you - come and talk to us - or we'll come to you.

Everyone we meet has a debt problem. We're here to help and we don't judge people.  We are a very friendly team and we just want to help you find the best solution

We have a breadth of experience to deal with any debt problem and can act immediately on your behalf rather than sit and talk endlessly.

So we meet, you tell us your situation and we offer sensible debt advice and then help you resolve your financial worries.

The hardest part is the first step, so to get started either contact us by email, or call 01656 661426 to speak to us. Privacy is very, very important to us and confidentiality is guaranteed

Meet The Team

Clive Williams  - Managing Director

Clive has a wealth of business experience gained over the last 35 years where he has successfully launched, acquired and sold several businesses across a range of sectors. Due to this experience Clive has a clear understanding of the various problems faced by businesses and individuals facing difficult financial situations. Clive has worked in insolvency for over twelve years.


Austin Walters - Director

Austin has been interested in Business and Finance ever since setting up his first business at 14.  Having sold two of his companies before he was 21, Austin knows the lonely journey owners face when running a business; especially when times are tough. 
More recently, Austin has been involved in business rescue and his experience of dealing with distressed companies is a great asset to SDA. His experience and strategic thinking offers our clients options from angles others often miss. 
Thriving under pressure, Austin is the ideal person to have around when times are difficult and clarity of thought is essential. 
Austin’s life goal is to secure the future of the NHS, to build an end of life village to support terminally ill individuals and make provision for their families to be with them in comfort until the very end.


Beryl Williams - Insolvency Office Manager

Beryl has many years of experience in business administration working with Clive in the businesses they have run.
Beryl brings to the company a keen eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of business finance and insolvency procedures.


Anna Balmont - Administrator

Anna is an experienced administrator having worked in this capacity in a number of local businesses. Anna enjoys working in insolvency and has a natural empathy for our clients.


Kit Hughes - Administrator

Coming from an IT background, Kit has worked in programming, systems and business analysis and ran his own business implementing CRM systems into companies. Kit has been working in insolvency for over three years.




Hawkins Insolvency

Hawkins Insolvency are a firm of licensed insolvency practitioners regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Sensible Debt Advice represents Hawkins Insolvency in South Wales. If you are having serious financial issues in respect of your business or company and you'd like some advice please contact us.

In the present climate many businesses are struggling to stay in control of their finances and remain profitable. If you ignore debt problems they will no go away and if you are a Director of a limited company then you have a legal responsibility to seek professional advice if you believe your company may not be able to avoid insolvency.

We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you identify the causes of your business' problems and provide helpful advice and a plan to resolve them.

We have a range of solutions which can be tailored to suit your business's situation.

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