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Please can I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and support over the last 5 years. I really don't know what I would've done without you.
I now feel I can carry on with my life with a new and brighter perspective - my cloud has finally lifted.

JU, Rhondda

I can't speak highly enough of Kit and the team in Bridgend! They are professional and friendly but most of all very kind. Going through such a stressful time, having their support was invaluable. After 10 years of battling with personal debt and other financial issues, with their help and guidance, I finally filed for bankruptcy. I was so relieved when the order was made the very next day! The outcome was the very best I could have hoped for, and I will not need to make any repayments to creditors. Thank you Kit for all of your help and support! I couldn't have done it without you.

GS - Bridgend

Clive was very warm and friendly. He me feel at ease around the financial issues I had and put my mind at rest with his wealth of knowledge.   He helped me to see that I’m not the first, and I certainly won’t be the last to be in this kind of situation.

MP, Bristol

Clive Williams helped me through my bankruptcy. His calm, reassuring nature and totally professional attitude encouraged trust, honesty and co-operation. He was polite and understanding yet efficient in his duties. My bankruptcy would have been a far more traumatic and stressful time without his assistance.

CM, Pontypridd

When I first met Clive I had no idea where to turn. I felt hugely depressed, embarrassed and very guilty that I’d got myself into this position of total despair. Clive spent time with me explaining my options in a way I could understand……and he was at my side throughout this journey which started with difficulty but ended in success. All communication with my creditors was via Hawkins and company and I never had to deal with my creditors directly. This was a huge relief considering how much I had been harassed by telephone and mail. Thank you Clive for giving me back peaceful nights’ sleep.

PJ, Neath

Having not been in this position before, finding myself sitting in front of Clive with nowhere left to turn was indeed a sobering experience. Unfortunately an acrimonious split from a major shareholder/business partner pushed my business into insolvency and that is when I was recommended to seek help from Clive and Hawkins and Company. Throughout this difficult process my dealings with Sam, Clive and Beryl have been carried out with the utmost efficiency and diligence. …. if you are seeking help and advice from an outstandingly professional but friendly company please look no further than Hawkins and Company and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending their services.

SM, Bristol

As we know, debt is a terrible thing. The worry can become a real problem. A charity I am involved with has been in need of professional advice for some time. After seeing Clive's professional approach I was very impressed. The trustee's minds were put at rest and the organisation can now move forward. I'm happy to recommend, should the need arise, Clive Williams to all my friends and clients.

V J, Cardiff

On engaging Hawkins and Company, we were very much put at ease in such a difficult time. All the months of sleepless nights, stress and worry was eliminated within 9 days from seeking advice from Clive & Beryl. Many thanks to them for all their expertise.

PL, Swansea

Clive’s true worth is in the additional help he provides to his clients. His assistance and contacts has enabled our former customers to re-establish their business. Clive has shown a refreshing willingness to help them at a time of great anxiety and despair. He sorted out the past and gave them hope in the future.

DW, Pembroke

I put Clive in touch with my friend and he provided first-class technical advice and personal support at a time of deep distress and anxiety. His discretion and commitment to confidentiality during this time was also exemplary – my friend could not have been in better hands.

D and D, Newport

We would like to thank you for the help and advice you gave us during a tough time. After speaking to you we felt a little more confident of the way to move forward. We thank you for your help and guidance and will definitely mention you to others who may be in (financial) difficulty. It is really difficult to express the relief we have found using your debt service.

D and D, Newport

It’s always a daunting matter dealing with delicate personal issues with someone new, but after our first phone call with Clive Williams he put our minds straight at ease. And on meeting with Clive, we felt at ease straight away and discussed our matters at hand. He has been a God send and has given us outstanding service. Clive is completely sincere and answered all of our questions in full. He always had time for us and nothing was too much trouble. He really did, and still is, help us in our time of need. His service is invaluable and we cannot thank him enough. We would with no doubt recommend his services to anyone with such issues. What a lovely man!

SG, Rhondda

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all members of staff at Hawkins Insolvency. When I was first declared bankrupt I thought my world had ended! I felt that everything was totally out of my control, I was a failure. I felt numb, raw, embarrassed and totally demoralised. From the first phone call to Clive, I KNEW without a shadow of doubt that I was in very safe hands.  The wonderful personal and professional balance radiated through the telephone.   Since Clive and Hawkins Insolvency have completely turned my life around!  The bankruptcy has been annulled, I am completely debt free & happier than I could have ever imagined.  I would recommend anyone with debt problems to entrust Hawkins Insolvency to work with you on your path to a happier, debt free life.

AF, Bridgend

When I called Clive initially I was somewhat stressed.  He was as cool as mustard, let me talk, thought about it, and then immediately came up with a plan of action.  When things became more serious,  I called him, left a message and  he called me back within an hour.  He was on the case and from then on I didn’t have to worry about anything. He put me completely at ease.  I would 100% recommend Clive to anyone – he makes sure that what needs to happen gets done and keeps you posted the entire time.

TB, Bristol

Clive demonstrated expert knowledge and advice from our initial meeting and throughout the entire process until the final meeting.  He was friendly, approachable and make sure that I knew exactly what was happening and where  we were in the process at all times.  if you need help with a debt problem, speak to Clive.

MF, Independent Financial Adviser

The ball started rolling within an hour of me making contact with Clive.  He was on it straight away and from that point on, I didn’t need to worry.  I would 100% recommend Clive to anyone – he’s a great man!

TB, Maesteg

We recently referred two clients to Clive.   In both cases he listened to our client’s situations and offered advice that put  them at ease straight away. Clive was completely sincere and answered all of their questions in full. Thank you for the help that you have given to my clients and for dealing with their issues in such a caring and professional manner.

Chris Price, Independent Financial Adviser

Clive is absolutely excellent. He is so helpful and was always on hand to answer my calls and text messages. Every meeting was great and I can’t speak highly enough of him. Thank you Clive!

KW, Cardiff

Clive was very approachable. You feel like it’s easy to talk to him. He’s very knowledgeable and would explain things to me, even in layman’s terms when I needed it!  He’s responsive and answered all of my questions if I needed to know more. I’m very, very, happy! Thank you Clive.

EC, Bridgend

I found Clive Williams and all his staff to be very helpful and the information which they gave us was very clearly explained and helped us to decide that the best way forward for our Community Trust. It was such a relief to get the sensible and practical advice we needed in order to move forward and make the best of a very painful situation. I cannot recommend Hawkins Insolvency strongly enough to anyone needing help with business matters.

LG, Vale of Glamorgan

I hadn’t met Clive when I asked him to help with some business credit card debts.  At our first meeting I found Clive very approachable and helpful – he knew exactly what needed to be done and gave me a breakdown of exactly what would happen. Beryl has handled most of the administration and she also is very helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend Hawkins Insolvency to others.

TC, Swansea

Thanks for all your support Clive – you’re a rock star mate!

AM, Bankruptcy, Swansea

Clive was is a diamond. I had taken advice from the CAB before I met Clive, and they told me that the solution I eventually went down wasn’t possible.  My mother passed away six weeks before I met Clive – I couldn’t worry my family with my finances and so when I met him I must have cried my eyes out. He sat there with me and was like a knight in shining armour.  He went through all of my options, I never felt pressured or rushed and he just made it all go away.  I’ve been on a rollercoaster and never thought I’d be in a position to look forward positively and rebuild my life.

S, South Wales

Clive was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad that he was.  He clearly understands the his industry  and was able to explain my options in a calm and practical way.  He presented a positive future for me – which is now a reality and I’d highly recommend Clive and his team.  He was there for me any time,  day or night and could answer any questions I had. He’s like the oracle! Thank you Clive.

M, Cardiff

Clive was understanding and able to relate to what our needs were and what we were trying to achieve.  He linked me into his team, and I have to say that it was seamless. Whether I spoke to Kit or Anna, each of them knew what was happening at any given time. They followed everything through to fruition and I can’t recommend Clive and his team highly enough.

E, Southampton

I have gone through some tough personal and business problems this year and Clive and Kit have helped me overcome them.  You have shown complete understanding and compassion of my situation and been very sympathetic and professional in the whole process.  You have now helped me re gain my life and taken away all the stress that I have encountered this year.

A. L., Bridgend

For a good while I had been struggling to keep up with my debts and then a few months ago my wife died. It hit me badly and I was unable to work as many hours as I usually did and my financial situation quickly became unmanageble. A friend put me in touch with Clive Williams of Sensible Debt Advice. The moment I first met Clive he immediately put me at ease, was very understanding and clearly explained my options. His team took me through everything I had to do and now I am debt free and it really does feel like a new start.

M. A. Cwmbran

I would like to say thank you to Clive for his help and support recently. Clive was very understanding of our case and provided us with everything we needed, whenever we needed it. From start to finish, the service was prompt and efficient, Clive was always on hand to answer any queries or issues we had.

J, Chepstow

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