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Are you a secret spender?

We are all guilty of treating ourselves every now and again to a new pair of shoes, dining with old friends or even a trip to the cinema. Even the most financially conscious individual treats themselves every so often. But, if you find yourself unnecessarily spending or hiding your spending habits from your partner, family or friends – you could be a secret spender and it could be putting you in serious debt.

We understand, there are several spending pitfalls around nowadays, from online shopping to high-street shops, but if you think your spending is getting out hand, here are a few things you should consider: 

Deals, deals, deals!

When you’re out shopping, those BOGOF and 2-4-1 offers can really play with your head.
What a bargain, right? . . . . .wrong.
It seems in this day and age every retailer has a sale that’s not to be missed which can make temptation unbearable and can easily influence spending. If you’re tempted to spend money on something you don’t really need, stop and think – do I really need this at this or are am I only buying this for the sake of a sale? There will be more deals in the future, deals that will benefit your shopping requirements.

Here at Sensible Debt Advice, we recommend creating a list each time you plan on going shopping, this will help keep you on track and in line. No more wandering off course, you only purchase what’s on the list! And if the listed item is on sale, bonus!

Impulse buying

Do you ever scroll through Facebook and see an advert from one of your favourite shops, and before you know it you have 4 items in your basket and you’re about to confirm your order payment?

Online shopping is a key culprit for influencing secret spending and it’s much easier to hide your purchases from others with specific delivery times and what not. Before you press the payment button, ask yourself if you really need all the items in your basket, is it just another impulse buy? Is it essential?

Don’t keep it a secret

You may not consider yourself to be a secret spender but if you decline to inform your partner, relatives or friends how much you spend or what you’ve bought recently then that’s a red flag. According to a survey by 1 in 7 people in a relationship admit to lying to their partners about how much money they spend. If you find yourself keeping your financial state a secret, talk to someone about it.

We understand that asking for help can be difficult but if you believe your spending habits are out of control, don’t keep it a secret, talk to a professional who can help.

If you’re worried you’re a secret spender, get in touch with Sensible Debt Advice today. We can guarantee you are not alone. We can you with the appropriate support and advice you need and help find you a solution. Click here to contact us or call Clive on 01656 661426.


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