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Creditors Arrangement

What is a Creditors Arrangement

A Creditors Arrangement (CA) is an informal agreement where we contact your creditors and negotiate a lower affordable monthly payment based on your ability to pay.

When you contact us you will meet with one of our consultants who will work through your income and expenditure to calculate  how much you can realistically afford to pay each month towards your debts. We use standard guidelines to work out what you need to pay your household bills and other reasonable living expenses. Using this information we are able to demonstrate to your creditors that what we are offering is genuinely all you can afford. We do all the negotiations and there is every chance that they will accept the lower payments. While there is no guarantee, we also ask them to stop charging interest and fees on your debt.

Advantages of a CA

  • Low affordable monthly payments
  • Your creditors usually stop contacting you
  • You have breathing space to improve your financial arrangements.

Disadvantages of a CA

If you fail to maintain regular monthly payments and break your arrangement:

  • Your creditors could cancel the arrangement and make demands for full payment
  • Your creditors are unlikely to agree a new arrangement.

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