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Bankruptcy Support

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can help rid you of debt that would otherwise take years to clear.

Bankruptcy is a debt solution recommended for those who cannot pay their creditors as and when their bills fall due or for those whose liabilities are greater than their assets.

People still don’t like to talk about bankruptcy. It’s true that the implications of going bankrupt need careful consideration but it can enable you to make a fresh start with your finances.

If you are bankrupt, the situation has to be dealt with. If you are thinking of applying for bankruptcy or need some professional advice about bankruptcy in relation to your particular circumstances then we can help

Is Bankruptcy The Right Choice For Me?

For those struggling with debt, the concept of bankruptcy might seem like the most obvious choice.

it’s widely seen as an opportunity for you to wipe the slate clean and to ensure that all of your debts are settled without further action being taken.
However, there are a number of factors which you must take into account before entering into such a serious arrangement. Considerable assets such as properties or cars could be vulnerable so advice must be sought before making any decisions.

If you are thinking of applying for bankruptcy or need some free professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances then we can help.

Contact us so we can an assessment of all the options available to you.

Should you decide to go ahead, we can provide a Bankruptcy Support Package to help you all the way through.

Bankruptcy Support Package

Pre-bankruptcy advice including:

  • Help in collecting all the necessary information
  • A clear overview of the bankruptcy process
  • An explanation of what is likely to happen at each stage
  • If necessary we can send holding letters to creditors and deal with any creditor issues
  • ​Completion of the bankruptcy application on your behalf​.

Post Bankruptcy Application advice including:

  • Helping you prepare for your interview with Official Receiver
  • Helping you complete all the paperwork from the Official Receiver
  • Helping you challenge any unfair Income Payments Arrangement. Should you have a surplus monthly income over and above your legitimate expenses then you may be asked to pay this into your bankruptcy for up to 3 years. We can help you avoid or reduce this
  • Providing advice in relation to any assets in bankruptcy that need to be purchased from the Official Receiver or Trustee
  • On-going advice and assistance throughout the period until discharge from bankruptcy

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